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  1. Vushicage -4227919 ago

    5:05 to 6:40 is Cassidy Klein

  2. Arashidal
    Arashidal -4227919 ago

    would you look at my profile and let me know if i fit in to your plans.because i would marry a porn star for real

  3. Tygorg -4314319 ago

    Thank you, You've been unusually astute for Disquan (? . I absoulutely agree that, if there is an omnipitant God, our minds are , well I can't top that bacteria analogy, so I'll go with it. Trying to use our woefully limited intellect to even begin to understand a being that may have created universes is about as fruitless as trying to dig that hole to China that many tried to do as kids.

  4. Zulkree -4314319 ago

    I sure would love to suck him and fuck him all night lengthy

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