Lesbian scene elm


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  1. Kim 11 months ago

    Seeking a couple who loves mind blowing sex.

  2. Kajizshura 11 months ago

    Hi there you look amazing

  3. Malale 11 months ago

    Look at that booty jiggle!

  4. Meztimi
    Meztimi 11 months ago

    My view is, if your boyfriend plans to ever marry anyone and have children AND still have his mom live on his property, the message from him is...I will support my moms mental illness/personality disorder at the expense of my wife and CHILDREN. That's a problem. You can volunteer to sign up for this hot mess looking for a place to happen, but the kids won't have a choice. How's it going to work when mom feels like the children are getting more attention than her? Will your boyfriend spend less time with his kids to make mommy feel better? No? Then will mommy escalate her behavior when she doesn't get her way? Does the answer to either of these questions sound like something kids should be dealing with? Be selfish for yourself. Be selfish for your future children. Let. This. Man. Go. (and let him take his crazy mother with him).

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